Friday, January 10, 2014

Somewhere someone said me once " People who write, hardly have time to read other books..and people read..and get bookish ,sadly cannot write anything of their own"
            I realised the weight of this sentence much later. But it's better to learn late than never. Standing in this internet dominating world , life has become a public figure. No, I am not against it. Some people like to share their emotions with others. It's not a bad thing. Humans like getting priorities. It's one of their basic nature. But one needs to be aware of the fact that he/she will be criticized at one point or the other. But for some  people who just because does not share their wong moves and do not share their love for someone publicly, or do not like to share them thinking "private should be private", should be ignored. They have a different point of view which you should respect and you should expect them to respect your views too. Though to some extent often certain serious issues when shared publicly can only increase a misunderstandings .
   But one should never quit the fetish for writing. Who knows you can be the next Emily Dickinson.